On June 14, 2021, Corelens S.A. has merged with Zortrax S.A. and will continue its activity as Zortrax.
Visit our website: https://zortrax.com/pl.
Should you have any questions, contact us at office@zortrax.com.


CORELENS company was established at the end of 2012. The goal was to restore customer service standards for medical centers treating cataract, through individual contact and offering possibly the best service for ophthalmologists and nursing Staff.

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High quality of our products and close relations with doctors translate on treatment comfort, adjusting treatment methods to their high requirements.

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  • Soleko

    Since 1987, Soleko has been improving the production of contact lenses and care lotions. As the only Italian company operating in the industry, it prides itself on the fact that every product is made of materials and technologies developed in research laboratories throughout the country. The company has ISO 13485 certificate, specific to the medical devices industry, which proves meeting high production and quality standards.

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  • Atropyn Ltd

    Atropyn Ltd is a UK company specializing in sales OVD brand Viscos. CORELENS offers a wide range of concentrations of substances produced from viscoelastic sodium hyaluronate, obtained in the process of bacterial fermentation.

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  • Hoya


    Hoya Surgical Optics is one of the biggest, global manufacturers of intraocular lenses. As a first company, Hoya incorporated a blue light filter in IOLs, thus minimizing the risk of retinal damage. It is also a leading company in introducing technologies increasing the safety of IOLs implantations.

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  • Rafi Systems


    Bearing in mind the needs of the market, the company introduced the Corelens, as the exclusive distributor of lenses made of hydrophilic acrylic. The producer is an American company Rafi Systems Inc., More than twenty years working in the ophthalmic field.

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