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For Patients

Surgery is the only effective cataract treatment method. There is no evidence of effectiveness of drugs and supplements of any kind.

Surgical treatment is a removal of a natural lens by performing a very small incision on the edge of the cornea (a width of the incision is usualy 2,2 to 2,6 mm.). Through this incision a surgeon inserts thin needle that emits ultrasounds and thus breaks a clouded natural lens in small pieces and allows to remove it.

In a place where the natural lens were, surgeon inserts artificial lens, that unfolds in the eye. Implanted lens allows post op vision.

Surgery usually takes up to 30 minutes. A patient is fully concious, only topical anesthetics are applied. For more information on cataract surgery we advice you to contact your ophthalmologist and we also invite you to visit Questions and Answers area.